Choosing a Fashion Design School

The creative field of fashion design can provide an exciting and rewarding career for a person who loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends.  Fashion design is a fast-paced and challenging career.  You will have to attend fashion design school to acquire the skills and knowledge needed by an upcoming fashion designer.  Turn your dream into a reality by attending the best fashion design school that can develop your talents in this exciting field.

By choosing the right fashion design school, you can have a bright future in the fashion industry.  The field of fashion design is a very challenging and competitive career choice, but if you have the talent and the passion, you can look forward to a successful career.  However, you must first face the hurdle of acquiring the education, skills and experience you need to shine in this field.  This is possible if you choose the right fashion design school.

You must consider several factors when you look into fashion design schools.  First of all, determine the nature of the school.  What is its area of focus?  Does it place emphasis on fashion design, or is fashion design only one of the many other courses it offers.

Choosing a fashion design school that is perfect for you can prove difficult because there are not too many fashion design schools around.  You will have to find a reputable school that will aid in your training.  The school must be accredited by the government’s Department of Education to prove their level of competence.

A fashion design school that participates in fashion design competitions is an excellent choice.  This shows the school’s commitment to the art of fashion and the education of the students.

Know your strengths and fashion preferences, and choose a school that specializes in the field of your choice.  If you want to specialize in children’s clothes, find a school that specializes in that field.

Find out if the fashion design school has alumni who are now successful in their professions.  This is a reliable indicator of the competence of the school.  You should also check the school’s curriculum and assess if it is relevant to your field of study.  Look into the quality of the teaching staff and see if they have established artists in the faculty.

On a more practical level, you will also have to find out how much the tuition fee costs.  Do you find it affordable?  Inquire about scholarship grants that you may be able to avail of.

To learn more about the fashion design school’s program, search our network of schools and request more information. You will be contact directly by a school representative. There is no cost or obligation. You can request information from as many schools as you want. Get started today!


  1. laura francis says

    hi! i am 22 years old and from the u.k I am going to be studying in fashion and design next year. I have no gcse’s but studying english, maths and art and design at college i am hoping to attend a college in america (Los Angeles) in the next few years it has always been my dream but i have no idea how to go about it and what they want from me to attend there college? Do you have any advice for me and the cost of renting and college fee’s ? Could i do a year in fashion and design college in the uk then go and do the rest in america ? your feed back would be much appreciated thanks ! laura 🙂

  2. mcsimon o ogbson says

    My main aim is to become art and fashion designer in the whole globe,so i’m interestinn to be
    If u can your online course.
    counting on ur co oparetion.


  3. my ambition is to be a fashion designer
    how to get school for fashion designer in malaysia
    please help me

  4. Hi!! i’m 13yrs old and I’ve got real passion for fashion designing andi really need to get a list of fashion designing school outside Nigeria.Because i want to achieve my dream.I wud be v.happy if i cud get the list of fashin designing schools.

  5. Allexis Crawford says

    Can you please send me any and every information on how to get into a good fashion designing school. I hope to become one of the greatest fashion designers in the world.

  6. i love your web site im lookin for a college to go to

  7. hello i am a young learner in fashion only 11 but i nearly have a whole book of designs. i would like to find a college just right 4 a girl of my age. i hope u look in 2 this little comment i have put and consider having a young girl like me. i would like 2 show the world that there is a new fashion girl in town and im her. i want someone 2 look at my designs and tink ‘wow!she really has got a good fashion sense’. me and my father have been looking in2 sites and this 1 just caught me eye. i hope u find a kids design college so i can make my dreams come true. thank u.

  8. i also do not mind were abouts this college is. so long as its either in england, scotland, ireland or wales.i am from ireland my self nd if i know the colleges r somewere in those countries, i would be v happy becuz i know im not 2 far away from home. i am v passionate bout designing nd art. so i hope wen u read these 2 little comments, u will really take me seriously. thnk u again, boiler =)

  9. Hi i want to be a fashion designer! i am good at fashion designing i am 11 yrs old and in 5th grade can you please help me get into a fashion career and how long i will have to wait to be a fashion designer and can you help me find a fashion designing school near austin tx. I want to get my fashion degree and get a big fashion studio in paris!!!!!!! please help me where ever you say i will go and fullfill my dream i will never give up even if i dont make it i will still find locations thank you very much i hope you could help me!

  10. Harjeet Kaur says


    My 16 yrs old daughte is interested in doing fashion designing. I want to enroll her in a university where she can start from beginning on fashion designing. Where would be good and what are the options she has. At what age can she join and what are the requirement. Are these places has accomondation as in hostel facilities too.

    Please advice.

  11. Hi,my main aim s to be a fashion designer,and i want a very good school in america…so i want you to help me please…..

  12. erlanda olivera says

    hi my name is erlanda i am 13 years old im in 8 th grade i live in LA .i really want to become a fashion designer . but since im to young i cant really do nothing about it i need help to make my dream come true . i have allways wanted to be a fashion designer since i was 4 .all i need is a school and some one to look at my designs please help

  13. Deema Ershaid says


    I want to be a fashion designer. i’m curently 30 yrs old living in Palestine with 7 years of experince, i have a BA in account miner Managment from Jordan and a masters degree in MBA From the UK, , howver, since younge age i’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer i have a collection of dresses and i belive its never late, how can i prersure this dream as i would like to attend a reputable school for around one year only, as i don’t have a BA in fashion, isit diffucult to find a school that will accept me wit the qualifications i have? which school couild i apply to with the criteria mentioned above?

  14. Grace Kapatuka says

    I am a married woman aged 34 and would like to become a fashion designer. how can I get a scholarship in to earn a degree in this career. Iam from Malawi and eager to learn either in Ireland, Canada. I want to open a big shop in Malawi, so please assist me wherever you can I will go and make sure to become succssful. hoping to hear from you soon.

  15. Hey i’m looking for a fashion design school that will help me design mens swimwear . i don’t know how to draw that well but i’ve got alot of ideas and don’t know how to put them in to action. Can you help me find a suitable school for what i need.


  16. Hellen Biseko says

    I love fashion design and i wish to become a designer someday soon. am currently studying sales and marketing but once am done with that i would like to study fashion designing in one of the colleges in Kenya. Can you please recommend the best college in Kenya and the website where i can get the full information about that college.

  17. hi..dis is prachi…i’m 18..and am rlly interested in fashion designing….i want to make my career in it…but i dont think that there are nice schools in india….so i’m worried about it….i dont want to spoil my career and my life…please help…

  18. fashion has been my life since i was 7 ! I really wish and im able to work as hard to be one of the greatest fashion designers in the is my passion and i will be able to do it.

  19. Hola,, im a high school student…and im so loving fashion!!! im just wondering if this career would be great for me, porque i dont want to waste time and get involved in a school..i also want to learn more aboout what they actly do ??

  20. hi there i am only 14 yrs old nd i want be a fashion designer
    i know things about fashion i spend most of my times sketching fashion sketches and buying materials and makin some stuff am in yr 10 i do textiles nd arts nd design.
    i have made my go nd i will reach 4 it some day… hopefully i will not give up!

  21. I love the costumes

  22. Never give up on your dreams to change the fashion world. I encourage you to see what people think (get some feedback) and list it for sell on the new It’s absolutely free. Fresh Seams is a new site that helps inspiring designers do more so there are NO LISTING or SALES FEES.

    Keep doing what you do.

  23. Salem Samuel says

    hi i’m Salem from Ethiopia.i’m 24 years old, have a BA degree in procurement and materials management and masters in Business administration.however, my dream is to be world’s best fashion designer and there are no fashion designing institutions in degree level in my country..therefore i need to study abroad nd have no idea how to win international scholarships. do you think you can help?

  24. Hi my names Corrina, and I’m actually only 13 years old, but i dont think I’m ever to young to start persuing my dreams of becoming the next big fashion designer. I have wanted this since i was in the third grade. My mom is a proffessional seamstress so I am used to sewing and design. I dont hope my dreams will come true, I know they will… but it wont be easy.