Fashion Career Paths

Are you on top of current fashion trends?  Do you have a passion for style and the drive to turn your creative talents into a profitable career?  Fashion designing is an incredibly promising and rewarding career these days.  It is a fitting career for someone who is exceptionally creative and with a great sense of aesthete.  Haute couture is one fashion career path, but mass production of stylish, affordable clothes is also an appealing alternative career.

The rich and the famous wear creations made by well-known fashion designers.  To become a top fashion designer requires passion, commitment, hard work and tons of talent and creativity.  This is not a run-of-the-mill career in fashion. Not too many people can become famous fashion designers, but every fashion design professional should aspire to be one.

There are many fashion designers who have a lucrative fashion career designing clothes for the masses.  Many of them start their own business designing, producing and distributing clothes for the low-income bracket.  This field in the fashion industry creates many career opportunities for aspiring designers.

You can even customize your fashion career by focusing on a specific style or particular kind of garment.  If you choose, you can create designs for women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s clothing, sportswear, swimwear, footwear, accessories, lingerie, etc.

A fashion design professional does not have to deal with garments and clothing only.  You can choose a fashion design career as a visual merchandise designer.  The work of a visual merchandise designer involves arranging store merchandise, designing window displays, organizing clothing placement, creating props and accents, and the like.

In the movie or entertainment industry, a fashion design professional can work as a set designer.  This is a very rewarding fashion career path and involves conceptualizing designs and sets for movies, television or theater productions.  There are also set designers who produce exclusive designs for museums or trade shows.

As with any other profession, a solid educational background is vital to become successful in your chosen fashion career path.  However, you must keep in mind that other requirements are needed for you to get a good job.  While education is a very important consideration, other good qualities are also necessary.  These include great creative talent, an eye for detail, artistic skill, determination and willingness to work.

There are numerous career opportunities in the fashion industry, and the right education will help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.  Find out more about the different fashion career paths you can undertake and how to get started on your chosen career.


  1. ayushi patel says

    hey am realy interested in fashion designing

  2. maricka cantrell says

    I think I will like this progam.I am 11 years old and I already got my life together.

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    I will like to learn how to be a fashion designer

  4. Zatarsha Dixon says

    Hi there, my name is Zatarsha Dixon and i attend Swansea High School in Swansea, S.C and i wanted to inform you about my career on being a fashion designer when i get out of highschool my senior year. But my question to you is when i get out out of high school what types of corps do i need to attend your college. So please do contact me back at Thank you for your time. 🙂

  5. So many people out there do believe that in order to be a successful fashion designer, you have to be famous and design haute couture fashion and that’s so not true! There are many mainstream brands like Forever 21, Macy’s, ect. who also need fashion designers! I do believe that picking the right fashion college is an important part of your fashion design career. There are so many fashion colleges out there today that I could see how it can get confusing for a fashion student to pick the right school. I have friends who graduated from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA and they told me that FIDM is an awesome fashion college for fashion design. What drew them to FIDM is the number of famous people in the fashion industry who graduated from FIDM, where the school is located (in downtown LA) and the background of the instructors who teach there. Needless to say, I don’t think you would go wrong if you decided to attend FIDM but check out their website for yourself 🙂

  6. i am 11 years old and i already know what i want 2 do w/ my life… wow. i <3 fashion designing

    • hey i am 11 yrs old to and i will catch my dreams of being a fashion designer even if i dont make it i will still always chase after my dreams!

  7. lol, this has and will help me in my future and still is!!!

  8. u think u know what u want to do with ur life when ur only 11….and then ur in grade 11 trying to decide what courses to pick for grade 12…..
    what im saying is that u think u know what u want to do…but ur not sure…it puts alot of pressure on u.
    iv changed my mond about what i want to do so many times loll but now im sure i wanna be a fashion stylist

  9. I’m a fashion designer because i design clothes for myself,family&friends.alwayz critisize, redo whatever i see or want to buy, not that i don’t like other’s designs i just feel like i’v been shuted out & i know that i can “make waves” only if i could get a chance But it looks like i’ll never do more than that b’coz i’m an unknown so i think i’ll hav to go study fashion just for publicity

  10. hi Iam IRANIAN I want to lern more about fashion

  11. gloria osei says

    i am in high school in Ghana and i have an intense passion for fashion. How can i get admission to a fashion school abroad?

  12. hannah happel says

    hey im 10 and i love fashion and thts what im goin to do when i grow up

  13. Jonathan Townsend says

    I am black and a 18 year old male who is pursuing a career in Fashion Design. My friends always joke around about it because of the Other People involved in this industry. My goals are to finish what my mother started and go pass the limits of being the greatest Fashion Designer Ever. Also I will prove that anyone and everyone can pursue their dreams as long as their willing to work and fight for what they believe in and show that no matter what people think of you, you know in your heart that you are beautiful in Gods eyes and only you control the outcomes in your life.

  14. Amie Muñoz Oblianda says

    When i was a kid i really dream of, to become a fashion designer, yet, even i worked in other field what dictates in my heart is really the taste of fashion. I am from philippines, i know thers a lot of famous designer in u.s and love to continue my desire on designing…love hearing from some of the comments here….

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    im interested fashion designing courses!!! would love to do something in fashion!

  16. i love fashion too

  17. Paradice Mitchell says

    i want to be a designer so bad somebody find me and make me out of something big

  18. I always wanted to be a fashion designer. In order to be a fashion designer you need to have drawings of your designs. What if you want to be a fashion designer but dont know how to draw or dont have a portfolio of your clothes design. If you cn help me i will be so thankul:)