Why You Should Attend Fashion Design School

Budding fashion designers everywhere feel they have what it takes to arrive in New York and snag their dream job in fashion, but without having attended fashion design school the possibility of that happening is pretty slim.  Even if you feel you know everything there is to know about fashion and existing designers, there is a lot more to the fashion industry that every potential designer should have a basic understanding of.  The following are several reasons for those deciding if furthering their education in this field is something they really want to take the time to do.

Fashion design school can actually provide you with a lot more benefits than you might be aware of, above and beyond the class information and skills that you will learn.  To start, a lot of design houses look specifically for individuals who have attended a fashion school because they know that these students are dedicated, willing to put in the time and work necessary to succeed and will have a well rounded understanding of the industry.  More importantly, many designers attended fashion school themselves, so they are more likely to look to their Alma mater and offer students the chance to dive into the field because of a sense of connection they might have.

Most fashion design schools require that their instructors are active in their field, which provides students with the benefit of up to the moment knowledge, but also valuable contacts.  Because courses are offered dealing with every aspect of the business field, there will be professionals representing each of those areas, giving you the opportunity to really see what it takes to work in each field.  Even if you already know what aspect of fashion design you want to work in, it is important to create contacts outside of the one area because all facets of design are connected in some way.

Once you have completed your courses and earned a degree in fashion design, you can still benefit from having attended a school.  Most are very invested in helping their graduates enter the field and find employment to get them on their way in their careers.  The more successful you are, the more successful the school is and the more students they can attract, so they really want to make sure that all of their students are able to use the degree they earned. Not only will you be able to take advantage of free career counseling, but they will have a huge collection of connections and employers that are ready and willing to help new students make their way in this fierce industry.

In the end, deciding to go attend fashion design school can really change your future and put you in the best position to reach your full potential.


  1. precious ezele says

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