Fashion Design Classes Come to NY Art Center

New fashion design classes are coming to a Westchester, New York public arts center thanks to a new instructor that is looking to inspire designers young and old in the region.

The Katonah Art Center is now providing training through two new fashion design classes available for public registration.

Rags to Runway and Fashion Illustration are the starting classes in the new program at the art center, which provides training in various art disciplines to kids, teens, and adults through small project oriented classes and professional instructors.

The fashion design classes are spearheaded by Gwen Sargeant, teacher for the new fashion design classes happening at the school. Sargeant is a graduate of the famous fashion design school Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and is currently teaching fashion design to students there. FIT is a widely acclaimed fashion design school in the United States, producing famous clothing designers and innovators in the industry every decade.

In a report by, Sargeant said she wants to inspire future fashion designers and teach them that “fashion is about more than just what you see in your head, it’s about what’s in style, what the customer wants.  It’s about seeing the entire picture.”

The Katonah Art Center is located in Katonah, NY on Bedford Road and also offers workshops, party events, art classes, and hosts several events throughout the year. They also offer summer camp art classes for kids and teens, raise money for art student scholarships, and provide party services that focus on the arts for kids, teens, and adults.

The fashion design classes at the art center will introduce students to the art and concepts of the fashion design industry and provide background knowledge in the discipline, while also showing students the basic skills and techniques of sewing and creating their own apparel.