Teen Wins Design Contest Thanks to Fashion Design Classes

Fashion design classes helped teen Samantha Bryant win the coveted grand prize for a prom dress design contest she entered last year.

Thanks to her natural talent for art and the fashion design classes she takes at a local community college, Bryant won a spread in the magazine that sponsored the contest and other prizes.

Fashion design classes for high school students can translate into a jump start in a fashion design career; awarding them with necessary experience and in many cases, college credits that will transfer with them when they graduate high school and enroll in an art academy. For high school students taking fashion design classes through a dual-enrollment program or at a local college, the classes teach some of the basic skills that they would have to learn during their first years in an academy.

One of the first lessons student learn in fashion design classes is that there are many aspects of the fashion design industry. Manufacturing, sewing, and designing are all part of an interwoven profession where artists meet with engineers to make great fashion designs come to life. Sketching designs so that engineers can interpret real apparel details isn’t as easy as it might seem, so the classes help students like Bryant hone their skills.

Teens in dual enrollment programs or independent fashion design classes can propel themselves into the world of fashion design and take away some of the burden in college by allowing more time for creative endeavors.  Bryant, a natural artist, sketched her dream prom dress for Seventeen Magazine’s contest and gives some of the credit to the teachers in her classes. In addition to the magazine spread, she’ll be taken to New York to visit the workshop for David’s Bridal and was awarded a $25,000 scholarship.