Vintage Fashions, Trends and Clothing Styles

Vintage Fashions, Trends and Clothing Styles

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A Historic look of early films highlighting fashions, trends and clothing. Films include, Modes of the moment: (1917) fashion show. Pattern for Smartness (1948): Simplicity Home sewn clothing can be fashionable.- Aristocrats of Fashion (ca. late 1930s - early 1940s) Fashions for active sport and evening wear. all made from Bemberg rayon. Fashion Horizons (1940) Several Hollywood starlets take a bright and breezy vacation in the southwest, while a bright and breezy narrator breezily describes their trip to us, describing every outfit each woman wears in great detail and occasionally throwing in a plug for TWA. Union Square, San Francisco Fashion Sho] (1950s) Aerial of crowds in Union Square. Models parade on runway set up in middle of Union Square Park Low angle shots of models on runway Fur coats, stoles,Wedding dress Cutaways to crowds watching. Harpers Bazaar Talks Fashion (1970) This film now gives a nostalgic look of the early 1970's fashions. Color keying in art and living (1950). Learn how color relationships and coordination are applied to art, hair styling, eyes, complexion, dress and home decoration Tomorrow Always Comes(1941) Time-travel story promoting rayon lingerie fitting faces(1940) Light short subject on eyeglass fashions The story of a star (1956) Chemistry gives birth to new synthetics benefitting women, in this case sheer stockings Hair Dress Through the Ages (1950) Tongue-in-cheek survey of the evolution of hair design, using footage from an old German novelty short subject RFD Greenwich Village (1969) Bogus Bohemians of late-1960s New York model Mod cotton fashions. A must have for students of fashion, teachers, historians and others interested in early fashion.This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. 100% satisfaction guarantee! Enjoy! New and Complete, 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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