Fashion Design Schools for Fashion Reporters and Writers

Fashion design schools are not all about conceiving and designing the latest and greatest in runway designs and retail destined apparel. In fact, there are so many industries related to and centered on the fashion design industry that few schools can realistically prepare you for any job in the profession. Instead, students should seek out the schools that cater to their specific interest in the fashion world.

That’s a little bit easier thanks to a new report from fashion design school and industry publication Fashionista. The website just published their top 10 list of fashion design schools for students who want to get into journalism, as it related to the world of fashion.

The fashion industry is attracting more would-be employees than ever now. Thanks to more perceived accessibility through (sometimes not-so-realistic) fashion reality shows and the proliferation of fashion related blogs, it’s an industry that’s in high demand. However, it’s also a notoriously difficult industry to break into, so you have to make yourself stand out. One of the ways to do that is to get a stellar education (that hooks you up with stellar internships).

We’ve already listed the 50 best fashion design schools in the world and the 20 best in the US, but we’re well aware that not everyone who wants to be in fashion wants to be a designer (like, say, all of us here at Fashionista). So we’ve narrowed down the 10 best schools to put you a few steps closer to your dream career in fashion–think fashion journalism, merchandising, public relations, advertising, and much more.

A few caveats:
Obviously going to these schools won’t guarantee your dream job in fashion–that takes a lot of internships and a hell of a lot of hustle (and a shining attitude!). But a degree from these schools is certainly going to put you at an advantage. And if you don’t or can’t go to these schools, don’t worry. We’ve heard plenty of stories (right here in our own office, as a matter of fact) of people coming from disparate educational and career backgrounds and landing themselves a fashion gig. But you still have to work your <expletive> off, so better to go to a school that will support that. Click through!

Read the Top 10 Schools for Fashion Journalism at Fashionista here!

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