New Fashion Design School to Open in Fiji

Fiji Fashion Week is a week-long event featuring the latest and greatest fashion designs in Fiji, but most recently it focused on a new school for the area.

The new fashion design school is expected by its creators to inspire students to think about innovative designs in concepts and actual clothing lines.

The managing director of Fiji Fashion Week, Ellen Whippy-Knight said in a report by The Fiji Times that the school hopes to “raise the understanding of designers, therefore, the fashion school will provide the best opportunity for our designers.” She went on to tell the publication that student will learn to be a fashion designer while gaining inside into the needs of the global economy, as well.

“We Fijians have always been well-dressed and we have pride in the way we look, therefore, it’s always easier for our designers to create western designs. Most designs displayed at the Fiji Fashion Show are wearable and this reflects the understanding of local designers. We’re encouraging designers to come up with different designs and market their designs locally and internationally,” Whippy-Knight said in the report.

Is Fiji the leader in economically sound fashion design? Some fashion school aficionados think so. A fashion design school in Fiji would likely focus on economically friendly designs, naturally. Fiji is an indigenous region, meaning the people who live there have shared the land with their ancestors for many hundreds of years. For centuries, sustainable resources have been used for most of the products created and consumed locally in the country.

It is likely that new-age conditioned students entering into the fashion design school will be keen to produce environmentally friend fashion designs that are affordable to people across the world. Many would expect the fashion design school to produce a new and fresh line of fashion design that might just catch on with other designers.