What’s The Right Fashion Design School for You?

Sometimes, making a decision is as easy as weighing the pros and cons; finding the right fashion design school may not be so easy. While it will be an important step to grab a blank sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle, and start listing all the good and bad things about a particular school, it may seem like over-simplifying a decision that can potentially affect the rest of your life.

That could be true – which is why it is important to take your time and really think about the right fashion design school for you.

As part of a series on what challenges high school seniors face when trying to find the right school, Eric Eichel-berger illustrates the dilemma when writes for the Times:

“Where did senior year go? I feel like someone pressed a fast-forward button from August to April. I blinked, and my college application process was over — except for the decision.”

The editorial in The New York Times described the great angst that high school graduates face when attempting to choose the right school, but the same stress befalls any person who has the desire to earn a degree in fashion. (Or any other industry, for that matter.)

Eric goes on to talk about the excitement of the prospect that those applying to fashion design schools might feel during the process, saying:
“Months later, I’m overjoyed, presented with the blessing of 11 great options. And I find myself going back to the books, back to the Internet and back to the adults and friends who have advised me on my decision. And while I don’t necessarily look forward to the task of boiling down my list to the one school I can attend next year, it’s certainly an exciting process, too, as I learn more and begin deciding my future.”

But then, reality strikes. As explained later in his column, Eric is faced with a myriad of challenges to tackle in order to discover “his best school” – everything from out of state tuition to special program options that can give him an edge after graduation.

More from Eric at The Choice Blog: Ignoring College Rankings to Find My No. 1 School

Finding the best fashion design school for you, as an indivudal, a student, and a fashion design professional to-be is an important decision that shouldn’t be based solely on which school was ranked “best” by some news publication last year.

The final decision should come down to which school is “best for you”.

So, how do you find out which fashion design school is “best for you”? ConsumerReports.org puts the choice into perspective:

“You choose a college because of what it can offer you, and a college chooses you because of what you’ll add to its campus and the experiences of other students. But to choose wisely, you’ll need to be well-informed.”

Read more about choosing the right college from Consumer Reports here.

They’ll help you answer important questions you may not think to ask, such as “What is the environment like at this school?” and “Is this a place where I can grow personally and professionally?”

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