Company Recognized Fashion Design Colleges at Mittlemoda, ITAA, Fashion.EDU

Fashion design colleges around the world vie for awards sponsored by a textile industry technology company interested in supporting the industry.

Lectra, a technology company, presented awards to fashion design college students in the 2011 International Textile Apparel Association’s (ITAA) annual conference in November, Fashion.Edu’s The Arts of Fashion Symposium, and Mittelmoda.

Lectra is a leader in technological solutions aimed at textile, leather, and the various other materials used in the fashion industry and is the sponsor of several awards for fashion students at the popular worldwide fashion shows.

Mittelmoda, a well-known fashion competition in Milan, Italy is a well respected opportunity for students to compare ideas and share their creativity with other members of the fashion design community. Lectra sponsored the event, which gave awards and recognition to students from 620 fashion design colleges hailing from 66 countries that participated in the event in July.

The company also sponsored awards at the 2011 ITAA annual conference in November where fashion design college faculty members and students from 5 fashion schools were presented with awards.

ITAA is an association made up of professionals in the industry including outstanding leaders at fashion design colleges, teachers and gifted students that are studying to become top notch fashion designers themselves. The ITAA conference offers the opportunity for peer recognition and a change to network with design industry professionals. held The Arts of Fashion Symposium back in October in which fashion design students from 65 colleges around the world were chosen to participate. The students showcased their creativity at three design studios at the San Francisco Art Institute and competed for scholarships to study with up-and-coming fashion designers and apprenticeships at well-known fashion houses around the world. Lectra helped sponsor the event which also commemorated the 10th anniversary of the Arts and Fashion Foundation.