Students of AZ Fashion Design College Offer Hope to Homeless Women

Earlier this month, students from a fashion design college in Tucson got the unique chance to show off their designs and then give them to women who may need it the most – the homeless.

The designs by the fashion design school students were showcased at the Pima Community College in Tucson and all benefits were for an organization known as Wings for Women.

Wings for Women is a non-profit organization helping women and children in Arizona find a better life for themselves through various avenues, including employment opportunities.

Wings for Women helps homeless women by providing them with the education needed to obtain a job, providing new skills to help them land jobs and provide work performance confidence. They also provide clothing to help women feel more successful and confident during the interview process – which is where the fashion designer college students come in.

Students who attend fashion design classes at Pima Community College created the clothing line for the benefit show, which competed with top-notch designers not on the design themselves, but on emotions and sense of duty to another.

The students felt that they were doing a great service to their community by lifting others up in this way. Susan Peterson, a student of the fashion design college in Tucson, told a local news station that she remembers how difficult things were for her own parents as she grew up.

“These women are really working hard and I just really want to help them,” Peterson said.

Wings for Women is a re-entry program that provides housing, work skills, and clothing to help homeless women get back on their feet and empowers them by making them whole on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.